When organizations operate more efficiently, customers receive better care.

Hundreds of organizations across the country have used the Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment (NIATx) model to transform their processes and systems of care.

Based on Research

Based on over 15 years of research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the NIATx model has helped treatment organizations to experience dramatic improvements in patient care, including:

Increased access to and retention in treatment

Reduced no-shows and waiting times

Improved staff morale and reduced staff turnover

Increased revenue

Who We Are

In 2009, the NIATx Foundation was created to support the work of NIATx, based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The NIATx Foundation offers consulting and training in process improvement and organizational change. We are innovators—changing the way organizations across the country improve treatment systems through the same strategies used to improve processes in manufacturing and other industries.

Our team includes more than 20 scientists, researchers, consultants, and others skilled in quality improvement training and experienced working with individual behavioral healthcare organizations and national, state, county, and city agencies. These experts and consultants guide organizations through the NIATx field-tested improvement model, engaging stakeholders, and using data-based decision-making to implement and sustain impactful change.

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How We Help

At our core, the NIATx Foundation helps behavioral health and healthcare professionals, agencies, and funders improve the lives of people with mental health and SUD challenges. We work with treatment organizations across the nation using the NIATx rapid-cycle change process to identify, test, and implement process changes.

These are not changes to clinical practice, but changes to the business processes and workflows that make up how the treatment program functions. This might include processes for scheduling appointments, conducting telehealth visits, admitting patients, introducing clients to the treatment process, dispensing medication, or other workflows that impact operations.

We work with organizations to use the NIATx rapid-cycle change process to:
·        Implement proven strategies that improve processes/systems
·        Effectively manage workforce/capacity issues
·        Improve access to and retention in treatment
·        Break through barriers that limit delivery of life-saving care

Download the NIATx Product Overview Sheet.

Who We Serve

Organizations large and small across the country have used the NIATx approach to improve their processes and systems, including:

Health Providers

Cities, Counties, States

Single Organizations

Government Agencies

Healthcare Systems