The NIATx Foundation offers consulting in the areas of:

Process/Performance/Quality Improvement

Process improvement is a way to identify, study, and improve an organizationís existing systems. The NIATx Foundation helps organizations use process improvement to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of their services.

Organizational Change

Bringing management and staff together to work in an integrated manner is the foundation of the NIATx model. It also establishes a common ground focused on customer needs and provides a goal that everyone can support. Our customer-focused approach assures that organizations understand and address their customers' needs.

Sustaining Change

Organizations trained in the NIATx approach achieve significant results that research studies have shown to be sustainable.

Training programs often generate early excitement over a new method or approach. But staff enthusiasm fades quickly if the improvement process is too complicated or does not fit with the day-to-day realities of a human service professional. The NIATx Foundation believes that when your staff use a new process and tools long after the consultants are gone, youíve made a good investment in quality improvement training. The training and consulting programs we offer give you the tools to sustain and spread the NIATx model for years to come.

Implementing and Using Technology

Technology is constantly evolving and reshaping the delivery of health care services. The challenge for behavioral healthcare providers lies in understanding how to implement technology to achieve the best results. The NIATx Foundation provides consultation on how to select, design, adopt, and maintain the latest innovations.

Preparing for Health Care Reform

The NIATx Foundation is active in helping behavioral health care organizations prepare for the changes associated with parity legislation and health care reform.