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Lynn Madden, MPA

Since 2006, Lynn Madden has served as Chief Executive Officer of the APT Foundation, a non-profit agency founded in 1970 by members of the Yale University Department of Psychiatry to promote health and recovery for those who live with substance use disorders and/or mental illness. Under her executive leadership since 2006, the APT Foundation has grown from serving 1,300 persons each year to serving over 6,792 unique individuals in FY 2013, with 3,612 of them utilizing Medication Assisted Treatment, primarily as a result of creating systems to improve access to treatment and retention in treatment.

Ms. Madden’s professional interests are focused on identifying treatment gaps in substance abuse/mental health treatment and improving both access to those services and retention in treatment, as well as understanding the relationships between improved access and treatment outcomes and the relationships between improved access/retention and cost per episode of treatment.

Prior to leading the APT Foundation, Ms. Madden was a startup administrator involved in planning and program implementation for the non-profit Acadia Hospital in Bangor, Maine. She was responsible for planning and implementation and ongoing operation of psychiatric service group, including five inpatient services units, ambulatory services, partial hospital services and outpatient treatment programs as well as a substance abuse services continuum including emergency shelter, transitional housing, inpatient detoxification, methadone treatment, and intensive outpatient services.

Ms. Madden is a well-known consultant and NIATX Coach working throughout the United States since 2004, specializing improving treatment access and program outcomes through the use of rapid cycle process improvement. Her research pursuits include large- and small-scale implementation projects that are focused on access to and quality in mental health care and substance abuse treatment services including integration with primary care, and integration of treatment for infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS and HCV.