Braided Patient Engagement Strategies
Executive Roundtables

To address current public health crises, improve patient engagement,
and enhance health and well-being.

Executive Roundtables

Innovative Braided Patient Engagement Strategies

Braided engagement strategies consist of interweaving normally separate services to the benefit of both the client and those providing the service.

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COVID-19 has demonstrated that patient care must evolve from illness-specific practices to person-focused practices. Braided engagement strategies are needed to regain patient engagement, foster a greater emphasis on public health, leverage lessons learned in telemedicine, and, ultimately, advance addiction treatment and recovery services.

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION. The NIATx Foundation’s Executive Roundtables provide leadership teams didactic instruction and coaching on how to successfully use innovative braided patient engagement strategies to advance service delivery. Executive participants appreciate how this approach provides an effective method to naturally adjust to changing times and avoid getting stuck in pre-COVID care delivery models.

The Braided Engagement Strategies Executive Roundtable is designed to:

Executive Roundable Design

The Executive Roundtable includes three (3) two-hour learning events (held via Zoom) comprised of:


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