Program Design & Development

In 2008, NIATx designed a technology-based approach to addiction treatment. At the time, this approach pushed the boundaries of innovation. Now is the time for organizations to leverage the best of in-person and technological advances to achieve long-term recovery for many, versus few. NIATx's Program Design and Innovators' Lab will build on established organizational development tools to develop new systems of care to meet developing social and technological trends.

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Leading-Edge Innovation

NIATx has been on the front-edge of several influential trends in behavioral health. These trends include (to name just a few):

Using results-oriented Rapid Cycle Change and pilot tests as a change method

Reducing behavioral health wait times and implementing open-access scheduling

Using patient walkthroughs

Implementing patient recovery apps and technology-based care

Establishing learning collaboratives in behavioral health

Creating warm hand-offs for care transitions in behavioral health

Emphasizing the importance of access and retention in care services

Developing a business case for organizational change