Treatment Saves Lives.
NIATx Solution Science Shows the Way.

Mental health issues and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) epidemics
have worsened under COVID-19.
Providers are under pressure to respond.
Many lack the infrastructure, staffing, capital, and processes to meet the challenge.

NIATx helps organizations address these challenges by re-engineering processes/systems to achieve new levels of care and performance.

Facilitating Processes that Matter to Patients, Providers, Communities & Families

NIATx projects create lasting impacts:

Creating system-wide strategic plan rollout to innovate and evolve for the future

Converting profit/loss statement from loss to gain

Effectively managing workforce/capacity issues

Increasing use of medication for addiction

Improving access to and retention in specialty treatment, health, and criminal justice system settings


Program Design & Development

Leverage in-person and technological advances to increase long-term recovery and organizational sustainability.

Best Practices

Learn systematic scale-up strategies to increase use of MOUD and other targeted practices.

Access & Retention

Use tested NIATx techniques to increase attendance and improve retention.

Process Analytics

Strategically use critical measures to improve and enhance business continuity.

Download the NIATx Product Overview Sheet.

The NIATx approach works because it is practical, patient- and family-focused,
and gets change teams engaged and producing results quickly!