The NIATx Foundation supports the work and activities of NIATx, located at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Industries of Focus

Addiction Treatment

The NIATx process improvement model was created specifically to help behavioral health organizations improve access to and retention in treatment. Treatment organizations across the nation have used the rapid-cycle change process we developed to identify, test, and implement process changes. These are not changes to clinical practice, but changes to the way the organization schedules appointments, organizes the workday, and introduces clients to the treatment process. In other words, the business processes that make up how the treatment program functions.

Organizations that have used the NIATx model have reduced no-shows and waiting times and increased admissions and continuation in treatment. These improvements have improved staff morale, reduced staff turnover, and in many cases, increased revenue.

Mental Health

Mental health treatment providers face the same challenges as addiction treatment providers in increasing access to and retention in treatment. NIATx tools and techniques have proven just as effective in mental health treatment settings.